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Inspection & Maintenance of Stormwater Practices

Get Certified in Iowa

This program was developed to provide a comprehensive understanding and access to tools needed to keep stormwater practices in working order to improve water quality, manage water quantity, and reduce the likelihood of practice failure.

Topics covered include: Overview of stormwater management and regulations, Iowa Stormwater Management Manual for stormwater BMPs, components, function, inspection and maintenance of BMPs, field tour and tools needed for success as a certified ICIMSP professional.

ICIMSP Requirements

  1. Attend a ICIMPSP Workshop
  2. Pass an end-of-workshop exam (typically takes 30 minutes or less).
  3. Sign an ICIMPSP Code of Ethics

A certificate recognizing you as an ICIMPSP is issued to those that fulfill the above requirements. As part of certification, your name and contact information is added to a statewide database of Certified Inspection and Maintenance Professionals.

Certified Individuals

The following individuals have successfully completed the ICIMSP requirements as listed above. You can access the database by County or by Last Name. This database was last updated on July 11, 2019.