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Board of Directors

The Iowa Stormwater Education Partnership is managed by a 10-person Board, comprised of stormwater professionals from member cities and universities in Iowa. These directors, and other volunteers from members, serve on several volunteer committees for directing staff on educational resources, marketing, membership, and training.

Executive Committee

  • Chair: Tracy Peterson
  • Chair Officio: Unfilled
  • Vice Chair: Pete DeKock
  • Treasurer: Steve Cooper
  • Secretary: Cassie Druhl

Board of Directors

  1. Matt Greiner (term expires 12/1/2025)
  2. Tracy Peterson (term expires 12/1/2023)
  3. Amy Foster (term expires 12/1/2026)
  4. Steve Cooper (term expires 12/1/2024)
  5. Cameron Agan (term expires 12/1/2024)
  6. Darice Baxter (term expires 12/1/2025)
  7. Patrick Beane (term expires 12/1/2024)
  8. Chad Arp (term expires 12/1/2023)
  9. Peter DeKock (term expires 12/1/2024)
  10. Cassie Druhl (term expires 12/1/2024)
  11. Arah Montagne (term expires 12/1/2023)

Marketing Committee

Committee Members: Darice Baxter, Pete DeKock

Responsibilities: Provide input on the marketing plan for ISWEP membership and provide input and direction on development of marketing resources.

Membership Committee

Committee Members: Tracy Peterson, Matt Greiner, Cameron Egan

Responsibilities: Review and evaluate membership fee structure and benefits; determine if there should be new membership benefits at different levels.

Resource Development Committee

Committee Members: Karen Oppelt-Chair, Paul Miller, Isaac Swaboda, Cassie Druhl, Brody Bushkol, Jennifer Welch, John Swanson

Responsibilities: Provide input on annual toolbox resources and review content of select ISWEP materials.

Training Committee

Committee Members: Steve Cooper-Chair, Chad Arp, Maria Perez, Amy Kay, Darice Baxter, Paul Miller, Amy Bouska, Jade Flansburg, Jenny Corkrean, Monica Smith

Responsibilities: Provide suggestions on new training programs and updates to existing programs; assist with review of PPTs and may provide content as well.

Awards Committee

Committee Members: Pat Sauer, Matt Greiner, and Amy Kay

Responsibilities: Request and accept nominations for Iowa Water Conference and ISWEP annual awards.

ISWMM Technical Committee

Committee Members: Pat Sauer, members needed

Responsibilities: Attend meetings, provide comments on the review of new or updates to design guidelines and specifications in the Iowa Stormwater Management Manual.