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Stormwater Cost Share Programs

Many larger cities in Iowa have cost share programs for funding the installation of basic and engineered Rainscapes in residential or commercial properties. Common stormwater grant or reimbursement programs offer 50% funding for the cost of project. Typically there is also a maximum dollar amount for a single project or set dollar amount per practice.

The goal of a cost share program is to encourage residential landowners to incorporate stormwater best management practices on their property. Stormwater practices aid in improving local water quality by treating stormwater before it enters the storm sewer. Stormwater practices also help reduce localized flash flooding by retaining storwmwater onsite and lessening the burden on the sewer system.

See below for the list of cities operating a program.

Participating Cities or SWCDs

Practices available for cost share typically include native turf or native landscaping, rain gardens, rain barrels or cisterns, bioswales, bioretention cells, soil quality restoration, permeable pavement, and green roofs. However, not all cities offer funding for each of the practices. Click on the city to learn more about the specifics of their program: