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Report a Concern or Make a Suggestion

Help improve stormwater in your community! This page is your direct connection to report a concern, submit an idea or recommend a change to improve how your community manages stormwater and/or promotes stormwater education effectively.

Many larger communities in Iowa are members of the Iowa Stormwater Education Partnership (ISWEP). Cities enrolled in the ISWEP partnership have taken positive strides toward improving stormwater quality through training and public education. If your city is a member, we will know the correct person to contact if you are experiencing a stormwater related issue.

What is a “Stormwater Concern?”

Federal law prohibits unlawful discharge of stormwater pollutants into most waterways. Since storm sewers are directly connected to local rivers and streams, disposing of liquids, chemicals, and other pollutants down the storm drain is unlawful. Even grass clippings should not be sent down the storm drain! We need your help in spotting these issues.

ISWEP is also driven by suggestions and comments from our community members and the residents living in those areas. If you have a suggestion for a resource that will help inform the public about stormwater, please let us know! Resources can be any type of media used for public outreach… think social media, printed brochures, radio ads, and much more. Finally, even if you would like more information about a certain topic (anything covered on this website), please fill out the form below to help us meet your needs better.

Reporting Form