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Green Stormwater Infrastructure Certificate

On-Demand Webinars

New to the ISWEP training line-up! The Iowa Green Stormwater Infrastructure Certificate consists of eight webinars and eleven hours of content and six months to complete. In the end you receive a Certificate of Attendance. There is no exam, as this is not a Certification program. There is a continuing education requirements consisting of a refresher webinar every three years in order to stay up-to-date with new technology as well as existing practices standards and specifications.

Webinars included in the IGSIC Certificate Program:

  1. Introduction to Green Infrastructure (:28 minutes)
  2. Bioretention Cells (1 hour 41 minutes)
  3. Bioswales (1 hour 31 minutes)
  4. Green Roofs (1 hour 31 minutes)
  5. Native Landscaping / Native Turf (2 hours 4 minutes)
  6. Rain Gardens (41 minutes)
  7. Soil Quality Management and Restoration (1 hour 43 minutes)
  8. Permeable Pavement Systems (3 hours 20 minutes)