Home Builder SWPPP Supervisor

Get Certified in Iowa

To meet the demands in this ever-changing field the first certification program in Iowa for construction site inspectors was developed in 2004. The HBSS program offers an affordable, time efficient, certification opportunity for construction site inspectors who are responsible for construction site or MS-4 inspections.

The program is developed especially for home builders and those in charge of maintaining SWPPPs on residential projects. Participants will learn the design guidelines and regulatory requirements regarding stormwater pollution and erosion control on the individual lot scale.

Topics covered during the training event include: regulatory requirements; erosion, sediment and velocity control; post construction stormwater management practices for water quality and quantity management; SWPPP essentials; and inspector requirements.


HBSS Requirements

  1. Attend a full day HBSS training event.
  2. Pass an end-of-day exam (typically takes 30 minutes or less).
  3. Sign the HBSS Code of Ethics

A certificate recognizing you as an HBSS is issued to those that fulfill the above requirements and is good for 3 years, after which recertification training is required. As part of certification, your name and contact information is added to a statewide database of HBSS professionals.


Certified Home Builder SWPP Supervisors in Iowa

The following individuals have successfully completed the HBSS requirements as listed above. You can access the database by Last Name. This database was last updated on April 23, 2019.