Watershed Tools


Mapping Resources

  1. Iowa Department of Natural Resources - LIDAR Mapping (Mapping Resource for Inventory)
  2. Iowa GeoDATA - Iowa DNR GIS Section (Mapping Resource for Inventory)
  3. Iowa GIS Data Repository - Iowa Counties Information Technology (Mapping Resource for Inventory)
  4. United States Geological Survey - Iowa Water Science Center (Mapping Resource for Inventory)
  5. United States Geological Survey - Real-Time Stream Flow (Mapping Resource for Inventory)
  6. TIGER Products - U.S. Census Bureau (Mapping Resource for Inventory)
  7. Wetlands Inventory - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services (Mapping Resource for Inventory)
  8. Forest Inventory - USDA Forest Services (Mapping Resource for Inventory)
  9. Quatam GIS or QGIS - open source software (Mapping Software)
  10. ArcGIS - on-line map and geoservices (Mapping Software)


Pollution Loading Data

  1. Common Water Pollutants
  2. Contaminant Risk Rating Based on Land Use
  3. Comparison of Pollutant Loading Based on Land Use Type


Online Calculators

  1. Green Infrastructure Modeling Tools - many to choose from (EPA Calculators / Models)
  2. Watershed Assessment Model (WAM) (EPA Calculators / Models)
  3. Better Assessment Science Integrating Point & Nonpoint Sources (BASINS) (EPA Calculators / Models)
  4. National Stormwater Calculator (EPA Calculators / Models)
  5. Stormwater Management Model (SWMM) (EPA Calculators / Models)
  6. Green Values Calculator (Center for Neighborhood Technology)
  7. i-Tree, Assessing the Urban Forest (USDA Forest Service)
  8. Water Quality Index Calculator (USDA Forest Service)


Iowa Department of Natural Resources

  1. Funding
  2. Geological Survey Bureau
  3. Impaired Waters
  4. Volunteer water quality monitoring
  5. National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Program (NPDES)
  6. Stormwater Permits
  7. Stormwater Permits (point / nonpoint source searchable database)
  8. Regional Basin Coordinators
  9. Source Water Protection
  10. State Revolving Fund
  11. TMDL (Total Maximum Daily Load) - Water Quality Improvement Plans
  12. Watershed Improvement
  13. Watershed Initiative
  14. Water Trails


Other State Agencies

  1. Department of Homeland Security - Hazard Mitigation Plans
  2. Department of Homeland Security - Flood Mitigation Board
  3. Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship - Urban Conservationists
  4. Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship - Watershed Protection
  5. Iowa Department of Transportation - Office of Systems Planning (Trails, Funding)
  6. Iowa Department of Transportation - Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management (IRVM)
  7. Iowa Department of Transportation - IRVM Program Office at UNI
  8. Iowa Economic Development Authority - Green Streets Criteria
  9. Formerly Rebuild Iowa Office (housed at UofI, School of Urban and Regional Planning)
  10. Iowa Flood Center - Iowa Flood Center at The University of Iowa
  11. Iowa Secretary of State - 28E Agreements (searchable database)


Iowa Watershed Groups

  1. Catfish Creek (Watershed Management Authorities)
  2. Four Mile Creek (Watershed Management Authorities)
  3. English River (Watershed Management Authorities)
  4. Indian Creek (Watershed Management Authorities)
  5. Turkey River (Watershed Management Authorities)
  6. Middle-South Racoon River (Watershed Management Authorities)
  7. North Raccoon River (Watershed Management Authorities)
  8. Squaw Creek (Watershed Management Authorities)
  9. Upper Cedar (Watershed Management Authorities)
  10. Iowa River Friends (Soil & Water Conservation District)
  11. Cedar River Basin Watershed Coalition (Watershed Management Organizations)
  12. Partners of Scott County Watersheds (Watershed Management Organizations)


Education and Public Involvement

  1. We Are All In This Together Education Initiative (Cedar River Basin - County Conservation)
  2. Getting In Step Outreach Guide (Environmental Protection Agency)
  3. Engaging Stakeholders (Environmental Protection Agency)
  4. Watershed Based Community Assessment Guidebook - Iowa Learning Farm (Watershed Surveying)
  5. Guide to Conducting a Social Profile for Watershed Planning - University of Illinois (Watershed Surveying)
  6. Community Engagement - City of Dubuque (Watershed Surveying)
  7. Definition and Terms (General Resources)
  8. Phsycology to Sustainable Behavior - Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (General Resources)


Iowa Environmental Groups and Associations

  1. Iowa Environmental Council
  2. Iowa Floodplain and Stormwater Managment Association
  3. Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation
  4. Iowa Rivers Revival
  5. The Nature Conservancy
  6. Sierra Club, Iowa Chapter
  7. Trees Forever