Allen Bonini Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Allen Bonini, former Watershed Section Supervisor at the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, received the Lifetime Achievement Award for Urban Stormwater and Watershed Management at the 2021 Iowa Water Conference. He was presented with the award in-person on June 10 by Pat Sauer of the Iowa Stormwater Education Partnership. He is recognized for a 40-year career in environmental management.  For the past 15 years, he supervised the IDNR Watershed Improvement Section. Highlights include: Spearheading the creation of Watershed Management Authorities (WMAs), overseeing the expansion of Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) documents, and encouraging social science through a statewide “environmental attitudes” survey. Allen also promoted public education by building a partnership for the Water Rocks Program and he created a network of IDNR Basin Coordinators. Lastly, he vigorously championed urban watershed projects and conservation practices that targeted impaired waters. 

Allen served to protect and improve Iowa’s natural resources and urban water resources through his determination, passion, and work ethic that influenced numerous watershed programs and projects. That influence will be sustained through many projects he created and nurtured on behalf of the people and habitats of Iowa.